About Us

Happy’s Circus is owned and run by the Randelle Family who bring the enchanting world of Circus to fundraisers & businesses across the UK. There are two professional all human shows, providing traditional family entertainment in a contemporary style.

Since 1992 Happy’s Circus has performed to millions of people and has helped re-awaken interest in the world of highly-skilled contemporary entertainment. The Shows re-engage the audience’s imagination by bringing the joy of one of the only true forms of Variety entertainment still operating in Britain today… Circus.

“Let our family entertain your family”

Happy’s Circus

  • Raises over £750,000 a year for schools and other good causes throughout the UK
  • Produces two new shows every year presenting both British & International artistes
  • Each Big Top seats up to 600 people
  • Offers a variety of show formats depending on the client’s requirements
  • Ideal to stand alone or be part of a bigger event e.g. festivals, family fun days or other organised events
  • Previous clients & venues include : Theatres, Music & Arts festivals, English Heritage events, Holiday Parks, Garden Centres, Village Shows, Country Shows, Carnivals, Military Open Days and various British Forces events

Happy’s Circus Mission Statement

  • Assist schools to raise much needed funds in a stress free, interactive and effective way
  • Provide an educational happy experience for children
  • Make schools the centre of both learning & entertainment within their community
  • Introduce new audiences to the tradition of Circus & the Performing Arts
  • Use Circus as a medium to entertain communities with little access to the Performing Arts
  • Above all to make everyone’s day a HAPPY one !


Happy’s Circus is proud to be a Member of

“The Association of Circus Proprietors of Great Britain”

The respected leading body representing the Circus industry in the UK. The Association, founded in 1932, speaks with the authority and the experience of the industry’s consultative body and through its members is committed to innovation, to quality propecia online pharmacy https://propecia-best.com/ buy propecia online entertainment and to elevating standards and professionalism in British Circus.
The Association of Circus Proprietors,
Website: http://www.circusgb.com