Shaun & Pippa

Pippa & Shaun are the Show Managers for the Red Unit

Pippa & Shaun  are the managers of Red Unit They have worked together in Circus for over ten years. They were both besotted with Circus from a very young age. Both have interesting varied backgrounds and come to Happy’s Circus with a variety of skills. Shaun first performed at the age of four when he found himself in the ring of the visiting circus displaying an amazing young aptitude for diablo. His mum loved circus and they attended every circus they could. Each summer, Circus Toppers would visit their village and each year Shaun would perform in the ring, this then developed into a summer job. Shaun learnt as many basic circus skills as he could and adapted well to Circus life. He left to join Happy’s Circus where he met his wife to be Pippa.

Pippa was a drama teacher who yearned for a life in circus and she was accepted to train at the Aircraft Circus Training School where she learnt trapeze and did indeed leave her teaching job and ran away to join the circus. Together they are a formidable couple having accumulated a wealth of experience from working in many circuses throughout the UK and France including Circus Mondeo, Mr Fips Wonder Circus and Circus Starr.

Shaun and Pippa are also regularly in demand in the world of Corporate Entertainment & galas. In 2011 they featured in the Dionne Bromfield “Yeah Right “video where they had great fun displaying their plate spinning  and juggling skills. Shaun an integral role on the show, he is the Operations Manager heading up the infrastructure, technical and logistical expertise involved in moving Red Unit most days of the week. Pippa is not only the Show Manager, but also Miss Pippa, the Ringmistress  who presents the fast moving show, making sure the artists and Billy the clown do not misbehave!


Billy – The Clown

“For me Circus is a mystery. I am not quite sure what makes it so special to me.

I have no idea why I left my home in Hereford at 21 to join the UK’s only travelling Circus school, having never seen a Circus before in my life. I had no skills, no great ambition and no idea what to expect but that’s exactly what I did.

There I met my partner, Stefanie, an aerialist and we went on to share 7 incredible years touring the UK and Europe appearing in all kinds of Circus shows from contemporary Circus with Cirque Berserk, where we performed in London’s West End to traditional Circus shows like; Gerry Cottle’s Circus, Circus Sallai and John Lawson’s circus.

In my spare time my Clown hobbies include researching magic, juggling, balloon modelling and paper folding. My human hobbies are football, reading, fishing and walking my small annoying dog.

I have always been incredibly close to my family; my parents were both incredible role models for me. My father was a fireman when I was very young and became a social worker later on and my mother was the dinner lady in my high school. This meant that I could never be naughty at home, because she would blow me kisses the next day across the school canteen when I was trying to be cool in front of my friends!

Comedy, and especially slapstick have always brought us together as a family, so I’m very proud to be representing a show that is completely family oriented. This year as Happy’s Circus audiences get to know me, they can expect silliness, chaos and warm family fun.”


Duo Platschkov

From the USA to Japan, from Australia to Russia, the Platschkovs have amazed audiences around the globe.

Alina has an unparalleled talent in musical juggling and acrobatic ballet and she has appeared on stage @ the Moulin Rouge, Lido and Folies Bergère.

Stefan is a real virtuoso in juggling and acrobatic ladder balance, he has worked with Cirque du Soleil and as a Broadway Consultant for the Musical Show Pippin in New York.

Alina and Stefan met in Munich, Stefan says “It was love at first sight but our happiness only lasted 28 days.” After that they went their separate ways, Stefan left for Italy and Alina stayed in Germany. This was in 1992 and there were no emails, mobile phones were the size of bricks and were too expensive to buy. So, they would, call each other from street phones and “write” letters mostly with drawings and some words from different languages as they didn’t share a common language. After about a year. Stefan decided to ask Alina to marry him, writing in Russian in a letter.

Alina was working in a Circus in Germany when the letter arrived. She didn’t understand it because she didn’t speak Russian then. Alina sent it to her grandmother who lived in Paris, having fled her homeland during the Russian Revolution. A week later she received the letter and of course she got very excited but also a little worried as she knew how important the letter was. She took a few days to send a translation back to Germany. As soon as Alina read it, she knew her answer. She wrote a letter back to Stefan, saying YES and sent it to Rome. Unfortunately, he had moved on by then and he finally received his Yes 45 days later!

Stefan is a National Acrosport Champion and graduated from the Great Moscow States Circus, with acrobatic, juggling, trampoling and Comedy.

Alina is 7th circus which means that her family were circus performers (on both sides of both of her parents) for six generations before her birth. She graduated from the Royal Danish Academy in Ballet, Music & Acting and has also participated in many workshops with famous jugglers.

Alina and Stefan are proud award winners. Alina has won the Silver Medal at the Cirque de Demain Circus Festival in Paris,

Stefan has won the Yerres Festival and they have won the Roma Festival together.

Sacha was born in 2003 in Brussels Belgium and since the age of one he has been touring with his parents. Following in his parents’ footsteps he is already a proficient juggler and unicyclist. He follows a home schooling education schedule as he travels and at the age of seventeen, he has already visited 40 countries! Most of all he loves his English language classes and is really looking forward to touring the UK with Happy’s Circus.


Duo Lishchyna

Olena and Vitalii grew up in Kryvyi Rih in the Ukraine and have known each other for almost all of their lives. They became great friends, Olena left to tour around the Ukraine with the Kiev Circus for a long time and then as we all know “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

They realised that they had fallen in love…and so they were married when she was nineteen and Vitalii was twenty two. One year later, their son Roman was borne and when he was young he lived with Vitalii’s parents while they toured the world. Roman is now nineteen and is studying at the Circus Academy in Kiev.

Olena started her training in rhythmic gymnastics when she was just five years old and progressed with vigorous training to her point of entry into the real world of Circus @ seventeen. She studied all the basic genres and then specialised as an aerialist in vertical rope.  Olena also performed as part of a troupe specialising in the perch, which is one of the most daring of the balancing genres.

Vitalii actually trained as a hairdresser and only began his Circus career when he married Olena, because he did not want her to travel and be apart from him. He was always fit and sporty, active in acrobatics, swimming and wrestling.

They started working together in 2003 when Vitalii worked as Olena’s setter (the person who does the rope spinning) for her Spanish web routine, while he also working as a tent man. They toured South Korea, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait.

They developed their adagio and double silks acts and have had successful contracts in Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Qatar, Taiwan, China, UAE, Latvia, Turkey and France. Obviously, they both love travelling, exploring new countries and training together.