Shaun & Pippa

Pippa & Shaun are the Show Managers for the Red Unit

Pippa & Shaun  are the managers of Red Unit They have worked together in Circus for over ten years. They were both besotted with Circus from a very young age. Both have interesting varied backgrounds and come to Happy’s Circus with a variety of skills. Shaun first performed at the age of four when he found himself in the ring of the visiting circus displaying an amazing young aptitude for diablo. His mum loved circus and they attended every circus they could. Each summer, Circus Toppers would visit their village and each year Shaun would perform in the ring, this then developed into a summer job. Shaun learnt as many basic circus skills as he could and adapted well to Circus life. He left to join Happy’s Circus where he met his wife to be Pippa

Pippa was a drama teacher who yearned for a life in circus and she was accepted to train at the Aircraft Circus Training School where she learnt trapeze and did indeed leave her teaching job and ran away to join the circus. Together they are a formidable couple having accumulated a wealth of experience from working in many circuses throughout the UK and France including Mr Fips Wonder Circus and Circus Starr

Shaun and Pippa are also regularly in demand in the world of Corporate Entertainment & galas. In 2011 they featured in the Dionne Bromfield “Yeah Right “video where they had great fun displaying their plate spinning  and juggling skills

Bobbo – The Clown


Bobbo was born into the circus. His circus history goes back nine generations of the Roberts family, as well as the Fossett family, who go back to the days of Admiral Lord Nelson. As a child in the circus, he grew up among elephants and horses. Sticks of grease paint were a way of life as he spent his early days among the clowns, learning the secrets and the tricks of their trade. During the day Bobbo went to school in a converted bus supplied by Northamptonshire County Council together with a dedicated teacher who travelled with the circus children all over the UK. They learnt so much history and geography from travelling the UK, seeing the First Iron Bridge and the battle fields of Scotland made it real.

At age 13 Bobbo got his first big chance to shine when he got to replace one of the clowns in the family show. He was soon outgrowing his costumes and began to study how other circus acts worked. Throughout his childhood years, Bobbo spent much time with circus star, Jacko Fossett, who was known as one of the UK’s best clowns. It was here that Bobbo learned how blend a perfect custard pie and how to make props, how devise gags and how to apply clown make up. He also learned the art of visual comedy, facial gestures and body language and how to fall without getting hurt. He learned how to take classic clown gags and sketches and add his own bits to make them his own. Bobbo’s Father, Bobby Roberts, continued to develop him, adding skills like juggling and unicycling, eventually riding a 5 ft version.

But comedy was Bobbo’s first love and he spent many hours reading and watching clowns and the stage and screen greats like Chaplin, Keaton and Laurel and Hardy. Watching, reading and writing comedy bits became a lifelong passion. His love of burlesque and music hall allowed him to slip off the red nose and work on the same theatre stages as many of his comedy heroes. Bobbo is also a member of the legendary Grand Order of Water Rats, a charitable showbiz organisation, who get together to help countless charities throughout the UK. Bobbo’s other passion is Agatha Christie novels and he can rarely pass a book store without going in search of collectible editions of the classic ‘whodunnits’. He is also a big fan of radio, be if plays or comedy shows. He is a lover of swing and jazz music and the big band era.

He is Father to two boys, age fifteen and nine, who live in Scotland with their mum and keep him up to date and on trend. They are looking forward to visiting Dad @his new circus in the summer

Bobbo also received an award from Clowns International and considers himself lucky to have been taught by so many comedy greats, among them: Roy Hudd, Jimmy Perry, Ken Dodd, Norman Wisdom and James Brandon of the Grumbleweeds. Bobbo is looking forward to this new adventure on Happy’s Circus as he celebrates 33 years of clowning… and reckons he’s still learning!

Duo Paramore

Sergey & Svetlana


Sergey was born in the Ukraine. He comes from a traditional Circus family His mother also ran a Circus school where he learnt the basic skills of acrobatics, aerial gymnastics and juggling on which his Circus career has been built. He toured the world with his family learning all aspects of circus. Svetlana attended the school from the age of sixteen. They were paired as an acrobatic duo and shared a great passion for their craft. They were always rehearsing new routines, enjoying great popularity with audiences, competing in many competitions and festivals Of course they fell in love and were married.

They have travelled the world, working together in the circuses of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kuwait, Egypt, Iran, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Turkey. They are always looking to develop their acts. For 2019 they will present giant cube manipulation, stunning aerial silks and their enchanting adagio On the personal side they have a young son, little Ilya who at less than two years old, his parents say is already being prepared for a life in Circus. As is traditional in the Ukraine, he remains at home with the extended family of Sergey’s parents whilst Sergey and Svetlana travel the world. The Molchanovs are always challenging themselves to create new routines; they say they don’t know how to stop moving forwards

Sergey Zhbanov

Sergey is from Russia and begun his career in Circus in the studio of Perm in Russia where he learnt the traditional rare genre of power juggling. At the age of sixteen, he struggled with weight lifting in front of his then sweet heart and he was inspired to start on a journey that would change his whole life. He started training hard, never missing a session and the Sports Hall became the centre of his life. He created a Circus routine which meant that he graduated with distinction, awarded by the “Director of the circus”

His work has been applauded by prominent critics in Canada, Russia, Brazil, Europe, Asia and the USA. His proudest moment was @ the Russian circus, Nikulin where he received a standing ovation from both circus colleagues and spectators. Sergey has dedicated his life to the circus, honing his speciality and having the pleasure of working on some of the best programmes in the world.

Outside of Circus, Sergey writes verses and studies world literature. He spends as much time as he can, painting with his three year old daughter. She hopes that her Daddy will become an artist. Sergey is a giant in the world of power juggling with 36 years experience and is the winner of the International “Velas” Circus award.

Circus is his Life, Sergey the ultimate power juggler

Kristina Yakimenko

Christina Alien was born in Russia and has worked in circus for about 10 years She began her circus career as a ballet dancer. She danced in the Russian National Ballet “Vozrozhdenie” where she met a well-known Russian dancer and so began her pursuit of excellence on the low wire. She began to rehearse the genre “Tugaya vriloka”. Christina says the dance genre: ballet on wire is a combination of biology and mathematics, you must know your body extremely well, be in control of all your emotions and at the same time, clearly know the sequence of your actions on the wire. Christina is also an expert at aerial acrobatics which for Christina is the same as dance, only in the air! For Christina the disciplines of dance and circus are very similar which is evidenced in her amazing low wire act

Christina has worked in Holland, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, China and Italy. Christina is the constant student, on holiday she is happiest in the gym and practising her ballet. Her secret to keeping sane in the world of Circus is to study and follow the wisdom of ancient philosophies.


Tela Marinera

Gisela and Edgar met @ the circus school Cidade do Circo in Barcelona, Spain. Gisela was studying for her Humanities Baccalaureate and working in a Levis shop. Edgar was working as a graphic designer and they both wanted more from life. They inspired each other and started training really hard

One year later they were rewarded with their first circus contract. They took the big decision to leave their jobs and normal life and fight for a dream together!… They have been performing for four years as Tela Marinera

If they can, they will train for four-five hours each day. Gisela and Edgar have a wide range of aerial specialities: silks, trapeze, straps and hoop as well as Chinese pole and adagio

The duo have been working mostly in Spain until now!

They have worked in the Canary Islands with Circo de Rody Aragón and with Twister Circus for three Christmas seasons. They have appeared @ Sendaviva Park in Navarra for three seasons and in Holland with Circus Renz and other shows in Barcelona and Madrid

They have also toured their own show across Catalonia, Brasil, Sao Paolo and Riberao Preto

 When they are not touring, they return to their house in Barcelona. Their families live close by and they each have a young brother. Outside Circus they love to go to the beach, travel and share fun with friends and family. Gisela also loves to play the piano and sing. Edgar enjoys climbing and extreme sports.

The picture shows the duo @ the “Festival de Circ i Màgia de Catalunya” in March 2019, where they won their first públic award! We are sure, it is the first of many

Gisela says “We think that anything is possible. If you really want, you can! When we are not working, we always return to Circus school to train harder and learn more

Our dream is to keep learning, never stop training and working while we travel around the world, achieving all our goals…But anyway, really we just love Circus!”