Pip is 2nd generation circus and began his circus career at the age of two. This meant he had pocket money from a very young age. He has progressed to Pip the Clown from performing many characters including Billybang the clown, a young Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars and a comedy hypnotist. He has also appeared on TV in “Kids say the funniest things” and starred as Puck in “A Midsummer night’s dream”
Growing up for Pip meant school from Monday to Friday and then performing weekends with his Dad, Happy the Clown and sister Stephanie at the Happy’s Circus Show. Pip has been immersed in circus all his life. Not only is he an exceptionally funny man, he is also the Technical Mastermind behind both the Red and the Blue Unit Sound and Light systems.

Pip is a multi-skilled accomplished performer and musician whose repertoire extends to comedic pantomime roles & guest appearances on other Circuses. Pip is a Director of Happy’s Circus as well as having the role of Artistic & Technical Director. He has also contributed to both writing, directing and performing at the Easter and Halloween shows at the Hippodrome Circus in Great Yarmouth.

In 2013 & 2014 Pip starred at the Hippodrome Circus Christmas Spectacular alongside Jack Jay, undertaking the role of lead comic to rave reviews. In 2015 Pip headlined at “Zippos Circus Winter Wonderland Christmas Spectacular” in London’s Hyde Park.

Pip is Director of the Red Unit which is named after Pip’s red cap. Pip runs the Red Unit, assisted by Vikki Clarke.

Pip has forged a brilliant comedy partnership with Ringmaster Ross. Their collaboration produces high energy, impulsive and tremendously funny original routines. Pip is always up to mischief and Ross just wants things to go to plan!



Ringmaster Ross began his career in circus studying at the Miskin Theatre in Dartford which taught theatre, performance and personal development. He graduated in 2004 with a Btech in performing arts. He also trained at the Academy of Circus Arts in Newbury and graduated in 2006. His circus skills are many and he can entertain any audience very well with his diablo and rolla balance routines. However he truly excels in the role of Ringmaster.

His career to date has been intense with experience working in Rambo’s circus in India in 2006, performing rolla balance and diablo routines, then taking these skills amongst others across the UK. He worked at Happy’s Circus from 2007 -2010, going on to tour with several circuses, most notably John Lawson’s and Jay Millers circuses where he perfected his role of Ringmaster. Ringmaster Ross and Pip, the clown have been friends for many years, but as we know Pip can be a real handful, so Ross has certainly got his hands full.


VIKKI – Aerial Hoop & Spanish Webb

Vikki began her training in sports acrobatics when she was just 2 years old. As a competitive gymnast, she gained many county and regional titles and also won a British Bronze medal. After retiring from competition Vikki gained a place at Circomedia Circus School in Bristol, here she began training in Aerial Circus Arts. Vikki has been performing onstage since the age of 5 with the Chermond Acrobatic Display Team. Taking part in shows, fetes, galas, charity events and regularly appearing at Disney World Florida. Her TV credits include Blue Peter, ITV’s My Kind of People and as a contestant on the TV talent show Let’s Get Gold. She was also a performer in the 2012 London Olympics Opening ceremony.

Vikki is a highly trained and experienced circus performer. She began in the youth circus ‘Circus Chermond’ and went on to perform at the Hippodrome Circus for many years, as well as appearances in Cirque Du Hilarious and Russell’s International Circus. Vikki is also an established cabaret performer appearing in many venues around the country, including the prestigious Cafe De Paris in London.

Vikki has an important role in assisting Pip in the smooth running of the Red Unit.


ROSS WALTERS – Diablo & Aerial Straps

As a young child Ross dreamed of running away with the circus. He pestered his mother until she agreed that he could enrole in a circus training school. At the age of Eleven Ross was accepted into the Wookey Hole Circus School where he was to spend the next nine years learning every circus skill he could from clowning to high wire until he perfected his chosen specialities. Ross brings his many skills to Happy’s Circus, performing sensational diablo, straps and juggling routines.

He has toured throughout the UK with Circus Hassani, Santus Circus, John Lawson’s circus and of course Wookey Hole. Ross has performed at Glastonbury festival, London Youth Circus Festival, Camp Bestival and Eden Festival. Ross is a multi-skilled highly accomplished performer who is an integral member of the Circus Team.



Thomas was born in the historic town of San Gavino Monreale in Italy, into a famous Italian Circus, the Codanti family. Thomas is 5th generation and grew up on Mexican Circus Kodanty, which started in 1910. He was taught juggling at the age of eight by his uncle as they toured across Italy. For Thomas like many generations of Circus children before him, he learnt life skills from mixing with people of all nationalities. His school learning was long distance learning. But by the age of ten he had decided that music was to be his life. He stopped touring with his parents so that he could attend school and learn music. He excelled at the clarinet and drums.

In 2013, Thomas returned to his first love, the Circus and was accepted to study at the Accademia d’arte Circense in Verona. He learnt a range of circus skills but his passion was always to juggle and so he graduated in 2016, specialising in juggling. Thomas has toured with his Family’s Circus all his life and Happy’s Circus welcomes him to his first UK tour.



Foot Juggling

Miss Chloe was born in the beautiful town of Gonesse in France. She is 6th generation circus. Her family perform as the Massardier and their acts combine juggling, foot juggling and unicycle. She grew up in the world of Circus, learning to ride unicycle at the age of five from her mother.

At the age of fifteen in 2013 she decided it was time to go to Circus School to study a range of circus skills and to then decide on what to make her speciality. She was accepted to join the prestigious Academia d’arte Circense, in Verona where she met her partner Thomas. She studied for three years and graduated with a speciality foot juggling act. Chloe enjoyed her first Circus season in 2017 working on Mexican Circus Kodanty. She has a delightful act and Happy’s Circus welcomes Chloe to her first UK circus tour.